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Baby…… On this day on Mummy’s birthday, I dreamt of you. You were not dead, but lost instead. Mummy tried searching for you, trying all ways and means searching for you. Then I saw you on a TV program, a program from Korea. I saw a large green field, you were there. Mummy got excited and ask Daddy :” This is Baby! This is Baby! Right?”

Baby…… Mummy quickly called the TV station, just when I started to speak to someone…… The alarm went off. Yes, time to wake up and you are never found.

Baby…… What does this mean? Mummy wish that I know……

Baby…… On this day on my birthday, Mummy wish that you are happy be wherever you are. Mummy wish health and happiness for the ladies, Enson Didi and Daddy……


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Baby…… After a 24 hour ‘bedrest’ hiding under Enson Didi bed on Sunday. Girby Girl seems fine since yesterday. When Mummy came back from work yesterday, she was already on the sofa barking happily. That was a relief. Thanks Baby…… Mummy knew you did watch over us from above.

Baby…… This morning, she hide under the bed when Mummy brought out their leashes -_-“. Is the experience really that bad? Puppie Pie was happily waiting to go for walk, but that Girby Girl decided she want to stay at home today. In the end, we didn’t go for our walk. Poor Puppie Pie didn’t get her walk this morning then.

Baby…… In the evening, Daddy called Mummy for help as Enson Didi refused to get out of the car. Mummy had to go downstairs to ‘rescue’ him. Mummy tried to bring out their leashes again, this time round Girby Girl wagged her tail happily and wanted to tag along. Do you think this lady got metal problem? -_-” Oh nevermind, at least she is back to her normal self.

Baby…… Girby Girl skin problem came back again, and seems like getting worse. Mummy ran out of ideas what to do with her skin problem. Mummy is so stress now. Mummy day job is not getting any better, with the heavier workload and newly installed accounting software. It’s driving Mummy crazy. Mummy is thinking of going back to work on Thursday as Enson Didi has a field trip on Friday morning. They are going to Science Centre. Daddy doesn’t want him to go unless I tag along.  So ya…… Mummy is going to join him on Friday morning, less time for my work again. Argg…… really feel like screaming now……

Baby…… Mummy is going to bed now. Good night Baby……

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Baby…… Merry Christmas to you. Are you having some fun riding on a open sledge now?

Baby…… Greetings from your forever family……

Baby…… Mummy brought the ladies out to our dog run early in the morning. We have not been there for months. Girby doesn’t keen to go inside anymore although Puppie still enjoy her grass snack over there. Girby prefer to be the leader nowadays. She decide where she want to walk. Whenever Mummy lead her to places where she doesn’t want to go, she will stop and refuse to move a butt. Only when Mummy ask her:” Then where you want to go?” She will turn the other way and lead Mummy instead. -_-” Girby is rather cool, isn’t she?

Baby…… In the evening, Daddy and Mummy brought Enson Didi to Vivo for dinner and buy his Christmas present. Of couse he choose another Thomas & Friends train again. This time round is Henry the No. 3 train. Baby…… You should see his collections of Thomas & Friends Trains! It’s going to fill up the room soon. Mummy will show you his huge collections one of this day.

Baby…… Mummy took a nap in the afternoon and you came back to visit Mummy right? While Mummy was on the bed drifting into dreamland. Mummy heard you jumping up to the bed, there you go sniffing Mummy all over. Mummy could feel and see you so vividly. Before Mummy knew it, you jumped off from the bed. Mummy couldn’t see you anymore, Mummy kept crying and calling out your name loudly many times, but you didn’t come back anymore.

Baby…… Mummy’s heart being pierced through a thousand time again. Baby…… Did you come back or this is just another dream? Mummy really miss you……

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Smartie Girl

Baby…… You know Girby has this trait of removing fish bone from her food. On one or two occasions, Mummy found fish bones placed nicely beside her bowl after she finished her meal. She just knew what type of food are not to be taken ya.

Baby…… Today Mummy overlooked a small piece of cod fish bone again when Mummy was preparing their food. After Girby finished her meal. Mummy saw this……

Baby…… Girby is smart, isn’t she? If you are the one with fish bone in your food, I bet you this greedy boy will gobble up everything.

Baby…… Notice the bowl is different? Ya…… Daddy broke her bowl yesterday. The two males in the house just love to take turn to break their bowls. Remember months ago, Enson Didi broke one of the ladies’ bowl as well? Lucky Mummy got a spare one, but still Mummy want to get another bowl for her. Hopefully Mummy can get back the same bowl……

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Baby…… Girby went for her review today. Mummy wanted to bring her there myself, but no cab in sight. When one finally came, the driver saw Girby in the carrier quickly drove off. Mummy got no choice but to ask Daddy to send us there. Thus we have to leave Puppie at home again since Enson Didi needs to tag along. When Mummy was downstairs waiting for Daddy, Mummy could hear Puppie barking. Daddy told Mummy Puppie is crying. My Poor Puppie! This Daddy is really useless! He can’t even coax a little girl before leaving the house. Baby…… What a bad day to start with.

Baby…… We quickly rushed to the clinic as we were running late. Girby had her blood test taken, Dr Soo said need to wait for another 40mins or so as the lab is busy with other blood tests. There seems to have some emergency cases going on, Mummy hope those furry kiddos can pull through. 

Baby…… Dr Soo gave Mummy the option to go back 1st and wait for her call or wait at the clinic. Mummy choose to go home to wait for her call as Mummy is so worried for that little girl home alone again. Of course the most happy person this time round will be Daddy, he doesn’t have to wait for us to get things done. You know that Daddy of yours hate waiting and wasting his precious time. He could use those time to play his online game instead.

Baby…… When we were about to reach home, Mummy can still hear poor Puppie howling and crying. That poor girl, she is so happy to see us back home finally.

Baby…… Dr Soo called Mummy in the afternoon. There is not much difference in the ALT, in fact it went up a little bit. Today is 150+. Dr Soo said this is not too serious taking into consideration of her age. Girby needs to go back for her review again in one month time. Meanwhile, she had to continue her hepavite medicine for her liver.

Baby…… Mummy is so worried.  Time passes too fast…… way too fast. The fear in Mummy is getting more and more intense as day passes by. Baby…… Mummy can’t afford to lose any of the girls. Mummy doesn’t want to go through the pain again…… It’s too painful…… way too painful……

Baby…… Can you help Mummy?

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Papa…… I am so angry today! Mummy brought Mama out secretly. They thought I didn’t know! This morning, Mummy brought me and Mama out for walk after our breakfast. After she came back, I overheard her conversation with Daddy.

Mummy:” I need to bring Girl Girl for her blood test later. You come and pick me up after we are done?”

Daddy:” We go together, but cannot bring Pepe, can’t handle her with Enson together.”

Mummy:” Ok, I put Girl Girl’s carrier at the doorway, later you bring Girl Girl out while I distract Pepe.”

Papa…… They think I don’t understand what are they talking about. Didn’t they know we just have this capability to read their mind through their body language? I am really disappointed with their ignorance. I persistently follow Mummy while she prepared her stuffs. I am not going to let Mummy leave me alone at home. And Mummy still want to tell lies, kept telling us they going out to mum mum only, not bringing us along. They really think we are fools? Even Mama can sense something is not right, she follows Mummy everywhere she goes just like me. These certainly drive Mummy crazy! lolz

Papa…… Suddenly, Mummy just carried me to the room and tell me all kind of shits like we go mum mum only, you stay at home, be good huh, bark bark beat beat huh blah blah blah…… In the process when Mummy is talking shits to me, I heard Daddy stepping out of the house with Enson Didi. Then Enson Didi mentioned Girl Girl here. Where Puppie? Where Puppie? Enson Didi wanted to bring me along with them, but Daddy and Mummy still won’t let me join them 😦

Papa…… I am home alone for the very first time. Papa…… Why aren’t you here? At least if Daddy and Mummy secretly brought either one of us out, we still have two at home to keep each other company. Now I am all alone by myself at home.

Papa…… I am a good girl. I didn’t bark until they came back. Mummy told me there is an improvement in Mama’s blood test, the ALT went down to 139. Dr Ly attended to them today. Now Mama has to take the liver medicine prescribed. She can take the taurine supplement, but still have to stay off from other supplements. Mama will need to go back for the liver function blood test in two weeks time. Mummy told me they will see Dr Soo then. Gosh…… Is Mummy going to try out all the vets at ARVC? And that Dr Soo is so young. Too bad Mummy can only make it on Sunday morning, so ya…… depend on who is the vet on duty then.

Papa…… Is Mummy they all going to leave me at home again in two weeks time?

Papa…… Enson Didi is running a fever now. That poor boy. Mummy told me he had been crawling on the floor all over the clinic and refused to have his hand wash, must have eaten a handful of germs down to his stomach. Mummy was telling me those dogs at the clinic behaved so much better than him. Guess Enson Didi gave Daddy and Mummy a hard time again. That’s why I don’t know what is this Mummy thinking? She should have bring me along and leave the naughty Enson Didi at home right?

Papa…… I miss you…… When will you come back? It’s so bored without you around……

With love,


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Baby…… The last time when Mummy cried was the last entry Mummy wrote to you. Mummy didn’t shed a single tear for the past 15 days ago although thinking of you still hurt. It was quite a good record ya? Until yesterday night, all those bad memories of you falling sick till the day you left kept lingering inside Mummy’s mind. It was still so vivid, the scenario was like a movie, kept playing and playing…… over and over again. At that point of time, mummy felt my heart being pierced through a thousand times again. Finally, it’s time to break down again.

Baby…… How could it be? You are still so healthy and young. Why Why Why? Your life just withered away within that one week. Why Baby? It shouldn’t end this way, it shouldn’t……

Baby…… The ladies are due for their annual body check next month. Dr Shum had left ARVC. Mummy thought maybe we can try Dr Perrson, she is the lady who attended to you on your last day, but she had left too. Mummy really don’t know who to turn to. ARVC is well equipped, Mummy doesn’t want to change clinic again. Dr Ly is well known, but Mummy got mixed review of him and his consultation charge is really expensive. Baby…… What should Mummy do? Which vet can Mummy turn to?

Baby…… Mummy will be stuck at home for the next three days. You know the unit below us had been complaining to HDB with regards to their ceiling leaking. This thing had been dragging for years. Finally they resorted to the MP, that means things need to be done. HDB had sent letter to us, they will need to hack and redo the toilet flooring. Last week, they had done the kitchen toilet. Mummy tell you…… it’s really ugly, the last row of the wall tiles had been replaced with the floor tiles. Come on, it’s so weird, not the same colour as the wall tiles. This week is our Master bedroom toilet turn. Hate this! Mummy got to confine the ladies and the whole house is so dusty. And now at 10.26am, He is still not here to do the hacking. You know last week, only one man do the hacking and it took one full day. Our bedroom toilet still have a bathtub need to be remove and he is still not here yet! @#$%^&*

Baby…… Puppie’s fussing eating habit started again. She had been refusing her breakfast for the past two days. Yesterday Mummy cooked chicken wings and cod fish with chye sim for their dinner. She gave me the ai mai ai mai pattern again. Grrr…… they got to eat overnight food again today. Poor Girby, she always finished her food, but because of Puppie, she got to eat overnight food. This evening Mummy will add a egg to the left over food and pan fry it into omelette for them.

Baby…… Enson Didi is another headache. He is at his naughty two stage. It’s driving Mummy crazy. He refused to hold your hand when crossing the road. He refused to wear his shorts months ago, he refused to use soap when bathing, he refused to towel dry after bath, he refused to wear anything after bath and many more! He loves to throw fruits like a ball in the supermarket. He loves to tell you ‘No’ or ‘No Need’. Anything you ask him to do, he pointed his finger straight to your face and said ‘No’ sternly. Anything you ask him to eat, he said no need. Recently he refused to drink his milk! You know it’s a torture for Mummy during milk time. He doesn’t drink from milk bottle ages ago. Mummy always have to spoon feed him his milk. Previously Mummy still managed to distract his attention by giving him some toys to play with, but now he is lip tighted even during play time. At times when he forgot and took a spoonful of milk, he will spilled it out on the floor. Mummy will go crazy soon.

Baby…… Daddy is still the same, Enson Didi still cling to him like a kola bear. They are still so much in love with each other.

Baby…… Mummy is still very much in love with you. Without Mummy by your side, you have to take good care of yourself.

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