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Baby…… Mummy saw gold this morning. It is solid and firm, not too hard and not too soft, just the right texture.


Baby…… Mummy missed the action, who do you think pop this out?


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Baby…… Poor Puppie. Eversince Girby is sick, she get to eat whatever Mummy cooked for Girby. Heez…… Mummy is too lazy to cook a different meal for her. That fussy girl protested by not eating much of the food. Guess porridge and rice is too bland for her. Yesterday Mummy whipped up another meal for her dinner. She got beef slice with broccoli and a sunny side up. Look yummy, isn’t it?


Baby…… Puppie didn’t finished her dinner again. That fussy girl! Don’t know what she want, guess she only want to eat our human food. Whenever we have dinner at the same time with the ladies, she will refuse to touch her food and wait beside us, hoping we leave some for her. She is getting more greedy nowadays! Sound like you huh? Only different is you eat your own meal and still want our as well.

Puppie eating her dinner


Girby:” Mummy…… Why Puppie dinner seems to smell nicer than my porridge?”


Girby:” Pepe…… Does it taste good?”

Puppie:” Can’t you see?”


Baby…… Girby is feeling much better now. Just now in the evening she kept barking for Enson’s chicken wing which is so unlikely of her, she usually don’t beg for our food. Guess she must be really hungry. When Mummy placed her food bowl down, she gobbled everything up. Mummy is so glad that she is back to her normal self. Mummy still brought them down for walk after Enson DiDi went to dreamland.

Baby…… Continue to watch over us okie?

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Bloody Shit

Baby…… Girl Girl is sick again. She started to vomit clear foamy liquid with traces of blood on Saturday afternoon. Mummy thought of monitoring first. Yesterday morning, she greeted me with this.


Baby…… It’s a big puddle of bloody shit and it’s really bloody, scare the shit out of Mummy. The bedroom is filled with bloody smell while Mummy is cleaning it up. Then there were other smaller puddles of clear foamy liquid with traces of blood in the living room, she vomited over the night as well and Mummy is still sleeping like a pig! Mummy almost cry, all negative thoughts ran wild inside Mummy’s mind. Mummy quickly rushed her to Dr Shum early in the morning. Dr Shum gave her a jab and some medication.

Baby…… Poor girl is feeling restless. She still refused her food this morning. Mummy cooked porridge for her in the evening, she had yet to regain her appetite, she drank a little of the porridge water. Well…… better than nothing right? Now the silly girl is resting on Mummy lap now.

Baby…… You can’t see us anymore? Why didn’t you watch over us?

Baby…… Mummy is still trying hard, trying real hard to cope…… to cope life without you…… to cope with all the demanding commitments…… to cope with the seemly fallen apart family……

Baby…… If you are still here, Mummy is sure I am able to overcome all these…… At least…… at the very least…… Mummy’s maltese family is still intact. Now Mummy only has the ladies to keep me going…… to keep me going on……

Baby…… If raindrops ever ever fall on your head over at the rainbow every now and then, maybe maybe it is Mummy’s tears weeping for my precious Baby Boy……

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Dangerous breed in the house

Baby…… We have one dangerous breed in our house. He bite Mummy on Wednesday night during playtime. It’s hurts! His teeth cling on to the flesh like a barfer.  The teeth mark was embedded so deeply. Mummy forgot to take a picture of it. This is what Mummy’s hand look like now.


Baby…… Although these photos were taken when he is only one year old. Mummy swear…… this is how his expressions are when he was biting Mummy. The only different now is he got a full set of teeth now!


Baby…… Don’t you think your Enson Didi is a dangerous breed?

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Baby…… Nine months without you by my side. Three quarter of the year had gone by……

Baby…… Many times Mummy asked you how to ease the pain, but you never answer me……

Baby…… Many times Mummy talked to you with my heart, but you never respond to me……

Baby…… Many times Mummy called out your name, but you didn’t come to me……

Baby…… Many times Mummy wish that you could walk with us, to enjoy the fresh air in the park, but twosome is still twosome……

Baby…… Many times Mummy stared at your favourite places where you like to be in, but Mummy still didn’t get a glimpse of you……

Baby…… Many times Mummy wants to whip up a nice meal for you, but you are not there to savour it……

Baby…… Many times Mummy misses you too much that Mummy wants to go through every single photo Mummy took for you, but Mummy doesn’t dare to……

Baby…… Many times Mummy told myself it’s alright, but it was never alright……

Baby…… Many times Mummy asked why why why, but without fail Mummy didn’t get an answer……

Baby…… Many times Mummy cried myself to sleep, but it still won’t bring you back to Mummy……

Baby…… Many times Mummy wanted to go to you, but Mummy knew so well Mummy can’t……

Baby…… Many times Mummy saw that damn clinic, Mummy got to turn my head away, heart sank so deeply……

Baby…… Tell Mummy how many times more must Mummy endure all these many times that still hurt so much?

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Kor Kor

Kor Kor…… This is your Enson Didi. I don’t really remember you, Mummy told me you are my forever Kor Kor, just that you are no longer with us.

Kor Kor…… This morning we went to the dog run with GirlGirl Jie Jie and PePe Jie Jie. I had fun leashing GirlGirl Jie Jie. Well…… for a while only, Mummy refused to let me leashed her when I started to play with the leash. I thought that leash looked like a skipping rope and just turned it round and round only what. That startled GirlGirl Jie Jie, Mummy got angry and took the leash back. I got angry and cried. That heart-harded Mummy ignored me and walked them away from me. I cried even harder and started to call out their names. The last time I leashed PePe Jie Jie, Mummy also did that to me. I don’t like Mummy!


Kor Kor…… They went to the dogrun without me. Luckily I got Daddy to bring me there. They were waiting for us when we reached, I think they were waiting for Daddy, not me lah. They don’t really adore me anyway, I don’t know why, I just want to play with them.


Kor Kor…… I had fun at the dogrun playing around.



Kor Kor…… Jie Jie they all also having fun.



Kor Kor…… Mummy said GirlGirl Jie Jie got heart problem, that is why she is always panting hard whenever they went for walk. Mummy always carry GirlGirl Jie Jie when she see her panting too hard, she said this is not to stress her heart too much.


Kor Kor…… Today PePe Jie Jie snapped my hand, one minor scratch on my hand. I don’t understand why, I just asked her to come. I felt so sad when she did that, I almost wanted to cry. Mummy said it’s okay, PePe Jie Jie doesn’t mean it, she misunderstood me. She thought I wanted to hurt her when I held my hand high up and ask her come come. Mummy told me when I grow older and learn how to treat them like ladies, they will love me too. I am waiting for that day. Mummy also mentioned if you are here, you will be more tolerant than them towards my rough behaviour. Then I don’t know why I saw sorrow in Mummy’s eyes when she said that. Kor Kor…… when are you coming back? I think you will make a great playmate with me. Girls just don’t understand how guys play ya.

Kor Kor…… After a while, Mummy compensated me by asking PePe Jie Jie to apologise to me. She asked me to wait while she carried PePe Jie Jie, Mummy took her paw and high-five with me, she also sayang my face with her small paw paw. I am a happy boy again, but this is not enough. I told Mummy I want GirlGirl Jie Jie also. Mummy obliged and carried GirlGirl Jie Jie to high-five with me and sayang my face. Kor Kor…… you should see the satisfied expression on my face. Heez

Kor Kor…… I am going to bed now. Talk to you again. Good night, Kor Kor.


With Love,

Enson Didi

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