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Baby…… Girl went for her ultrasound scan today. Everything is fine. Mummy is so glad. You did watch over the ladies, didn’t you?

Baby…… Girl was bought upstairs to the ICU room for her shave before the scan. That was the same room where you passed away. Girl was on the table, the same table where Mummy last saw you two years ago. It bring back all the sad memories, Mummy’s heart sank so deeply. Mummy almost broke down while waiting for Girl outside. The way Girl looked at Mummy is the same as you. She is asking Mummy why she was left there? I hate this! The only difference this time round is I am able to bring Girl home. If only I can bring you home too two years ago……

Baby…… Did you see girl there? Thank you for watching over her. Mummy knew you won’t want to see me in agony. Girl next review will be in another two to three months time.

Thank you my Baby Boy.


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Dear Girl

Dear Girl
Pie’s bowl was not clear fast enough. You walked to her bowl, look at the unfinished food and look at me. I know what you want. I scrutinised the bowl to make sure not much meat were left over. I gave you a nod and you indugled on that miserable portion. The joy of watching you enjoying the little things in life. The little things that I shouldn’t deprived you of and yet I am supposed to do so. Mummy don’t know where to draw the line anymore……

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Baby…… Girby went for her review today, her ALT is still high at 290. Dr Ly want Mummy to take out the cottage cheese and increase the Falkamin dosage. Next week Mummy need to bring her back to do an ultrasound on her liver.

Baby…… Where have gone wrong? Mummy is confused.

Baby…… 妈咪累了。

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Baby…… Mummy bought some reading materials on nutrition. Today Mummy baked some treats for compromised liver. Of course these treats are for Girby Girl. Mummy is feeling so guilty for not able to give her treats as freely as before. At least for now, Mummy can give her these treats without worrying so much.

Baby…… Girby Girl ate one, not looking too eager. Puppie Pie refused to eat. Baby…… QC Test pass or fail?

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Baby…… Girby went for her review today, her ALT went up again to 208. Now we got to take out her taurine supplement again and continue with the current diet. We have to go back to Dr Ly in another month time. The roller coaster value of her ALT is driving Mummy crazy. When will the value be normal permanently?

Recently Girby’s tear stain is back. Mummy just don’t understand why. First Puppie Pie and now Girby Girl, no more pretty white furballs. Mummy checked with Doctor Ly on this, he said it’s the diet, seems like chicken is the culprit! Dy Ly said chicken is the worst meat of all that causes many allergy problems. Mummy will give a try to take out chicken from their diet, guess poor Puppie Pie will be the one suffering, or maybe is Mummy?

Baby…… Puppie Pie had her annual check. Everything is looking good except her bloody tear stains. She just had her blood test on January this year. We will wait till next year January to do another blood test on her.

Baby…… Please continue to watch over the ladies.

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Good Boy!

Baby…… You have been a good boy, didn’t you? You must have heard Mummy’s prayer and watched over the ladies. Girby just went for her review today, and her ALT had went down to 88! Mummy is so happy! You knew when Mummy was waiting for the result, Mummy called out your name a few times. You heard them?

Baby…… Girby will have to go back for review in another month time again. By then, Puppie will have her annual check up as well. Now Girby can resume her taurine supplement for her heart murmur. Oh and Dr Ly told Mummy there is a new supplement that is reversible to heart murmur condition, sound cool isn’t it? Mummy will let Girby try that supplement after she finished her current taurine supplement.

Baby…… Give Feng JieJie a kiss in her dream. She had been driving us without fail to the vet for Girby’s reviews. Today, the ladies had their grooming after the vet visit. After dinner, we went for walk together with Enson DiDi. They had a tired day and sleeping so soundly now.

Girby Girl even fall asleep in siting position!

Puppie Pie in dreamland too.

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Baby…… Girby Girl has been eating vegetarian meals for the past few days. Mummy tried to buy organic vegetables for her if possible, not many places sell organic vegetables. She had been good girl finishing her meals except today, she didn’t finished her meals both in the morning and evening. Guess she is getting bored with the food. Watching her not be able to eat meat pains Mummy so much. At times, Mummy would give her a small slice of meat from Puppie’s bowl. Mummy also bought a water filter. Dr Ly suggested changing the boiled water to filtered water.

Baby…… Mummy will endure these 3 weeks with her. 3 weeks seems so long. Hopefully Girby Girl will clear her blood test then Mummy can start to give her some meats.

Baby…… Watch over the ladies please……

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