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Baby…… Girby Girl went for her review this afternoon. Mummy had fix an appontment with Dr Ly. Her ALT had increased to 182. Her last blood test result in Jan ’10 was 154. Dr Ly prescribed two type of liver supplements and one ear medication for her. Girby Girl need to go back for her blood test again in one month time.

Baby…… You know this Dr Ly was really busy. He came and gone like wind. Dr Soo draw blood for Girby and we went outside to wait for the result. After about 20 minutes, Dr Ly came outside to the waiting area with the result. He told Mummy the ALT had increased and he will prescribed two type of liver supplement for her, he almost want to go off after this when Mummy stopped him and told him about Girby’s red raw ear. Just one look at it, he told Mummy is infection and off he go again. All these in less than two minute I think. But Baby…… Girby has yet to get her heart check by him…… Mummy didn’t even has the chance to ask him anything…… *sign*

Baby…… Mummy can only rely on you to watch over the ladies.

Baby…… Always remember Mummy love you, so are the other two ladies……


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Run Away Puppie Pie

Baby…… Mummy almost lost Puppie Pie this morning. There is this GR who is often off-leashed. Mummy saw her a couple of times when walking the ladies. She is a friendly girl who always wag her tail and want to play with the ladies, but you know the ladies are not good playmates for her. She appeared out of nowhere behind us a couple of times. Everytime Mummy got to hold on to the ladies while waiting for the owner to come over to bring his GR away. Mummy wish that I could give the GR a pat, but can’t do it with the ladies around.

Baby…… This morning she appeared out of nowhere behind us again. Girby Girl started to ‘sing’ again. Mummy quickly carried her up, and at the same time, Mummy lost grip of Puppie Pie’s leash. Puppie Pie was terrified of the GR and started to run away, and the GR went on chasing after her! The GR owner quickly ran after them trying to recall his dog back, Mummy also gave chase and kept shouting for PePe. At this moment, Mummy thought I am going to lose Puppie Pie soon. Due to the upgrading project, everywhere is blocked, Mummy couldn’t really see where they are heading. Lucky the owner is a young chap, he can run real fast. Mummy had a hard time trying to catch up with them. -_-” Finally Mummy saw them at our block void deck. Mummy saw the GR owner holding on to his girl while Puppie Pie was hiding behind a cleaner uncle. The GR owner quickly asked the cleaner uncle to step on Puppie leash. This is really a close shave, if the GR didn’t give up chasing after Puppie, it will be a disaster. The GR owner apologized to Mummy and reprimanded his girl. Mummy was too lost for words then.

Baby…… This is really terrifying. At that moment when Puppie Pie ran away, Mummy really thought I am going to die of heart attack anytime soon. Lucky Puppie Pie is back safe and sound. Of course this lady was also given a good scolding after we reached home.

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