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Fly Away

Credits: Kit Fly Away by Digi-designs by Nicole –  http://digi-designs.blogspot.com & All Dream Big Design’s, Journal Helpers by Angela Niehaus, Brads by Digital Anemona, Butterfly by Lindsay Jane Designs, Glitter Wings by Kimb’s designs, Gingham Ribbon by Gunhild Storeide, Wordart by Elegant Wordart, Date Stamp by INGRID LIM of I. SCRAP


Now that you had fly away, tell Mummy what should Mummy do? No matter how Mummy hate this, the string had broken and you had fly away forever. Baby, tell Mummy this isn’t so bad afterall.


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Baby…… Did Mummy tell you Mummy had started to scrap again. It’s not easy to do it without you by my side, but Mummy has tons of photos, Mummy just has to do it, isn’t it? This is the 27th & 28th Layout Mummy did after you left. Mummy scrapped a double page again. Mummy love double pages layouts. Mummy had so many photos in one event, one page layout is not enough to fill in all the photos. At times, Mummy still need to scrap a few double pages layout just for that one event.

Baby…… These layouts are so typical of you…… the greedy you…… Mummy misses your greedy look.300 BGP

301 BGPCredits: Funky Kit Collab from DMS, Mystique Sweet Papers by mystique designs, Worn Overlay by Lori Barnhurst, Zakirah_Dotted Frames by missScrap, dunia-polkadots arrows by Dúnia, Notepaper by August Designs, Indian Summer Torn Tags Freebie by Jessica Alger, Daily Digi Stamps by Lil Malkovsky, Template(Top) by Andrea Gold, Template(Bottom) by Laurie’s Scraps

Baby…… It’s so typical for the ladies to growl at you during meal time. You are always the first one to finish up your dinner. There you go waiting beside the ladies. You are always so patient waiting despite the ladies are hostile towards you. Finally your wait is worthwhile, you can go inspecting their bowls for any leftover food.

Baby…… Wish you can do that again. Wish you could enjoy all the yummy food again……

Baby…… Another double pages on the same day. You are in your dreamland. Did you eat many many nice yummy food in your dream?302 B303 BCredits: Kit in my dream by Mimilou, Kit Chut by Bellisae Designs, Stitches by Redju: redjuscrap.blogspot.com, Date Bits 19 by Misty Cato, Template(Top) by Laurie’s Scraps, Template (Bottom) by Dancy Baldwin, Wordarts “dreams” by Petit-Lips

Baby…… If only you don’t sleep forever. Mummy still miss you so so much……

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Baby…… Feng Jie Jie Birthday is coming soon, Mummy is thinking of getting something for her. What else can Mummy do except to waste some wonderful time on scrapping again.

Baby…… See what Mummy did.

Credits: My Immortal Kit by Helly, Photo Frame by JenLin Designs, String and Twill Tag by Gunhild Storeide, Glitter Alpha by Moi, Purple/Pink Alpha by Kelli Vander Veen, Template by Andrea Gold.


Baby…… This is Pepe, Feng Jie Jie’s old women. Mummy decided to do something different this time. Pepe had become an immortal since 31st Jan 2005. Mummy had altered the ikea frame for Pepe.

Credits: Funky Nature Kit by lauraskathi, Postage Frame by Welli Designs, Pink Flower by Carrie Bombria, Finger Painted Flower by Sarah Bryan, Date Tag by Simply Sweet Designs, Wordart by Elegant WordArt by Bethany, Template by Cindy Schneider.

Baby…… This is Feng Feng Jie Jie’s Family Photos layout. Although Pepe is no longer with her, but they still have her altogether.

Baby…… Today is another grooming day without you. Is your fur long already? Is your nail too long? Is your ear dirty? Do you need Feng Jie Jie or Mummy to groom for you?

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Baby…… This project is for Michi girl, she joined you two weeks later at the rainbow bridge. Two of you are new members, must take care of each other k.



Baby…… Look how happy Michi girl is. She went gai gai that day when this photo was taken.

Baby…… Mummy had been scrapping too many such layouts recently. It’s so sad. All of you look so happy, yet all of you are no longer in this world.

Baby…… Mummy adores scrapping, it gives Mummy great pleasure when Mummy completed one layout after another.

Baby…… Since the day you left, the feeling of scrapping is no longer the same.

Baby…… Missing you dearly. Tell Mummy what should Mummy do to ease the pain, it’s unbearable.

Baby…… Tears won’t stop flowing……

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Baby…… Mummy just finished another layout. It’s for Alycia Aunty’s Terri boy. Alycia Aunty saw the one I did for you and like it very much, so Mummy offer to do one for her Terri.



Baby…… Mummy took less than 3 hours to finish this, there is some improvement ya.

Baby…… Did you see Terri at the rainbow bridge? He is 14 years old when he left Alycia Aunty. Alycia Aunty has another maltese boy Nikki, he is coming to 17 years old.

Baby…… If only you can live this long, Mummy can have so many more years to be with you.

Baby…… You failed Mummy……

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Credits: Papers and Rooster by Amy Sumrall. Frames by Viviane and Bannerwomen. Bubble Talk by Misty Cato.

Baby…… This is the last solo layout Mummy did for you before your departure.

Baby…… Look at your greedy face. Your motivation in life is just to eat and eat and eat!



Credits: Happy Birthday Kit by Digiscrap.ch

Baby…… This is the last layout with the family. It’s Girby birthday in year 2006…… you remember?

Baby…… Did you notice the last sentence? “I hope I can celebrate all of their birthdays in many many years down the road”

Baby…… What an irony! I only celebrate your birthday once in year 2008. In year 2007, Mummy was feeling so unwell with Enson still inside Mummy. Thus Mummy missed year 2007 celebrations for all of you. Mummy wanted to start doing it again in year 2008. Mummy did it, all the three of you have your birthday celebrations in year 2008.

Baby…… What is Mummy going to do with your birthday celebration in year 2009?



Credits: Hullabaloo Kit by Julia Makotinsky, Lisa Sisneros, Christine Smith. Firmstrips by Tanja Michaelis.

Baby…… The very last layout Mummy did just before you left. Girby looks so happy with many pressies.

Baby…… Mummy can’t get started on this after you left. You know how Mummy always feel so satisfied after finishing a layout.

Baby…… Mummy needs you by my side to start scrapping. Without you now, Mummy just can’t do it……

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Baby…… Finally Mummy finished scrapping your photo and placed it in the shadow box, this is to be placed it together with your urn.




Baby…… It suit you pretty well right? You do have a quality life although your life is short.

Baby…… Did you see the bow beside your fur? This is your bow, you remember? You do have a top knot long time ago before Mummy decided to give you back your boy boy identity. No regrets Baby…… you look cuter in short coat. Mummy still have two of your bows with me, going to do something about it.

Baby…… Mummy spent almost four hours on this layout, you know this is not like digital scrapping that you can afford to make mistake. Mummy got to be very careful with all the placement. Mummy did make a mistake, the rub on stitches accidentally glued it on your photo. In the end Mummy got to reprint your photo. Stupid Mummy should have cut out the part of the stitches that I need to use. Lucky Mummy managed to salvage it *grin*

Baby…… Mummy only cried twice during the whole process. It was when Mummy needs to transfer your fur to another clear plastic cover.

Baby…… your fur still feel so soft…… so soft…… then Mummy started to cry. Looking at you and your fur, Mummy cried even harder.

Baby…… Did Mummy tell you I already bought the box to keep your urn? Mummy still thinking of doing something to the box, no concrete idea yet.

Baby…… Your cozy corner is still half done, only when it’s complete then Mummy will show it to you.

Baby…… Do you miss Mummy as much as Mummy misses you?

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