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Baby….. Today is the last day of year 2008. A heartbreaking year which Mummy will never forget in my whole life.

Baby…… There will be fireworks later. How Baby? The fireworks will be so loud, you will be trembled in fear.

Baby…… Come to Mummy’s dream tonight if you are in fear. Let Mummy do my part again to protect you……


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Baby…… Enson the Kola bear clings to Daddy the tree trunk like a super glue. Actually Mummy doesn’t mind he prefers Daddy more than Mummy, but he comes to the extend whereby he refuses to sit on his baby car seat, he just want to sit on top of Daddy lap on the driver seat and play with the steering wheel. He doesn’t even want to sit with Mummy behind. This means Daddy can’t drive which in turn means Mummy can’t get home fast!

Baby…… Yesterday we went Vivocity. It’s getting late, Mummy has yet to feed Girby and Puppie dinner, then Enson refused to sit on his baby car seat again. Mummy got so angry! Mummy decided to take the wheel since Mummy doesn’t have the patient to wait for Daddy to coax him until he song song! Mummy sent grandma home 1st, Mummy thought the car drive wasn’t ‘smooth’ enough during the whole journey, but just couldn’t figure where have gone wrong. Only when reached grandma house then Mummy realized I forgot to release the brake. Kao! The chao ta smell is already lingering in the air! Mummy thought the car is going to explode anytime. ><”

Baby…… Today while going home after work, Enson started his kola bear pattern again. Mummy got no choice but to drive back home again. Granny who sit behind still asked Daddy Mummy can drive or not? Kao! Mummy got a choice meh??? While Mummy was driving back home after dropping Granny they all at the bus-stop, Daddy and Enson were giggling and playing behind the back seat acting like two little lovey birdies! It’s so damn irritating lor!

Baby…… If Mummy can master back my driving skill soon, then maybe next time we don’t have to rely on Daddy again. Mummy can drive you all out without Daddy, but Baby…… you are no longer around to get a taste of Mummy sucky driving skill……

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When you were diagnosed with diabetes(?), Mummy hopes that you will still lead a normal life after the daily insulin jab.

When you were retching non-stop, Mummy hopes that this is just a mild case of gastric and you will regain your appetite soon.

When you fall very ill, Mummy hopes to see miracle in you.

When you left Mummy, Mummy hopes that this is just a dream.

When your departure became reality, Mummy hopes that you were freed from suffering and pain. Mummy hopes that you had attained eternal happiness. Mummy hopes that you had endless fresh clean water and yummy food to fill your stomach. Mummy hopes that you had forgotten Daddy and Mummy for the time being because Mummy doesn’t want you to feel the pain which Mummy is having now.

Mummy last hope is the day when Mummy leaves this world, Mummy will be able to see you all once again. When you see Mummy from afar, your eyes lit up, you start to smile, your tail slowly wags from graciously to vigorously as you have slowly regain those fond memories you used to have with Mummy.

At that moment…… the moment when we reunion, you…… Baby, Girby and Puppie run happily towards Mummy, jumping around excitedly and licking Mummy non-stop just like how you all would greet me when Daddy and Mummy come home. We, together walk towards eternal happiness.

Baby…… this is the last hope…… the last hope to be with you, Girby and Puppie forever. The last hope to be with my maltese family forever and we shall never be apart by death.

Baby…… Mummy’s tears won’t stop flowing when Mummy is writing this entry. Will God shows sympathy on Mummy and grants this last hope of Mummy?

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A good lord must not listen to bad advice from the wicked lest he gets into trouble by making one single mistake. Only a person who appreciate music can listen to the melody of the lute.

One’s thoughts must be agreeable with each other. Do not cause trouble. Wait till a Benefactor comes along.





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贝碧, 有人跟妈咪说妈咪现在的伤心难过是为了抵消你曾经给于妈咪的快乐时光。



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Baby…… This project is for Michi girl, she joined you two weeks later at the rainbow bridge. Two of you are new members, must take care of each other k.



Baby…… Look how happy Michi girl is. She went gai gai that day when this photo was taken.

Baby…… Mummy had been scrapping too many such layouts recently. It’s so sad. All of you look so happy, yet all of you are no longer in this world.

Baby…… Mummy adores scrapping, it gives Mummy great pleasure when Mummy completed one layout after another.

Baby…… Since the day you left, the feeling of scrapping is no longer the same.

Baby…… Missing you dearly. Tell Mummy what should Mummy do to ease the pain, it’s unbearable.

Baby…… Tears won’t stop flowing……

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Baby…… Merry Christmas to you.

Baby…… Mummy didn’t take out the mini christmas tree this year. It’s still too painful.

Baby…… Mummy can’t stop thinking of you.

Baby…… When will Mummy see you again?

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