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Baby…… You are forgotten. Enson Didi seems to forget who you are. When Enson Didi looked at your photo taken together with Girby and Puppie. He will point at Girby and started calling out:” Girl Girl…… Girl Girl……” Then he started to point at Puppie and mumbled:” Pe Pe…… Pe Pe……” When come to you, he said nothing and went back pointing to Girby again and repeated the whole process of calling out their names.

Baby…… It pains Mummy! How can Enson Didi forget Mummy’s precious Baby? When you left, Enson Didi was only 1 1/2 years old then, he is still so young, it’s no wonder only after half a year, he had forgotten all about you.

Baby…… Enson Didi used to adore you so much. You are the only one who is tolerant towards him. Remember how Mummy used to give him treat and asked him to give Baby? He will go running around looking for you. Of course he doesn’t need much effort to search for you, you will come running to him when you saw treat in his hand.

Baby…… Enson Didi seems to adore Girby now. Mummy doesn’t understand why. As you know, Girby doesn’t like him cos of his rough handling when he tried to play with them. But Enson Didi is always looking out for Girby. Even when we are not at home, he will start mumbling:” Girl Girl…… Girl Girl……” Mummy has to always tell him Girl Girl is at home. When he is going to bed, he also want Girby to sleep in the same room with him. If he can’t see Girby around, he will started to ask Mummy again, mumbling:” Girl Girl…… Girl Girl……” Mummy will tell him Girl Girl is sleeping.

Baby…… Just yesterday when we were on the way home, Enson Didi started asking for Girl Girl again, Mummy told him Girl Girl is waiting for us at home. We were at the junction, as we need to go to another place before heading home, Daddy drived straight instead of turning left(that is the direction heading home), Enson Didi started to get anxious and pointed to the left and calling out Girl Girl…… Girl Girl…… He got crancky when he realised Daddy is not driving towards the direction to our house. Mummy got to coax him throughout the journey.

Baby…… Mummy didn’t know Enson Didi has great sense of direction. It’s a blessing he is not like Mummy, a road idiot.

Baby…… Enson Didi might have forgotten you now, but Mummy will tell him stories of my precious Baby. He will know who you are soon.


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Dear God

Dear God…… I don’t know whether you will read this, I doubt you have internet over on your side, but since you are God, I guess you will be able to feel my sorrow, you will be able to read me right on top above the sky.

Dear God…… I had lost my Baby on the fateful day of 8 Oct 2008. I think he went to look for you. Did he find you? Please guide him into your arms. This is a picture of him so that you will be able to recognise him.


Dear God…… He is of a bigger build than the normal maltese. He has a pair of lovely brown eyes. He has a dew claw at his right hind leg. He has a chipped molar tooth, but his silly Mummy forget whether it is on the left or right side. He is fearful of strangers. He might bark at you when he see you, but he is actually timid in nature. He thought by barking at you, he will be able to scare you away. Once he realised his plot failed, he will run away hiding. He loves to eat and is forever hungry, I hope you leave him with ample food and fresh water.

Dear God…… Please take good care of my precious Baby. Please tell him if his Mummy did hurt him, it was never meant as hurt. Please tell him his Mummy misses and love him very much.

Thank you God.

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Baby…… Today we went to see Dr Shum again. Girby got a loose tooth. Mummy noticed it since end Mar 09. Mummy is waiting for the tooth to drop by itself, but it didn’t. These few days, Mummy noticed Girby’s gum is a little red and swollen, thus decided to bring her to the vet.

Baby…… Dr Shum extracted the tooth for Girby and Mummy got to keep the tooth! The very first tooth Mummy had from you guys. Dr Shum was talking to Girby telling her how unfortunate she is. Heez…… Girby seems to visit her so often after you left. Dr Shum said the tooth seems to be chipped, part of the tooth might still be inside the gum. Girby might had knocked her tooth against something as the tooth is not decayed. Mmm…… could it be the raw wings Mummy fed them recently?

Baby…… Dr Shum did a check on Girby’s heart, she mentioned it’s pretty good. Hopefully we don’t have to visit her until October for their full body check up. You know the medical fee doesn’t come cheap, you must look after them from above.

Baby…… Look at Girby. She is now a ‘Bo Gei’ old lady.


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Baby…… Never a day Mummy stops thinking of you……

Baby…… Never a day Mummy stops yearning for you……

Baby…… Never a day Mummy’s heart stops feeling being pierced through a thousand times……

Baby…… Never a day Mummy feels that life is great……

Baby…… After you were gone, Mummy doesn’t know what is happiness……

Baby…… People told Mummy time will heal the pain, but this doesn’t seems to apply to Mummy. Why after six months down the road, it’s still seems like yesterday you had just left Mummy? The pain, the hurt, the guilt are still so intense, leaving Mummy almost breathless……

Baby…… Mummy wants you back, yet there is nothing Mummy can do to bring you back.

Baby…… Life still goes on without you, isn’t it?

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Baby…… Mummy bought ostrich meat yesterday. Gosh, it was not cheap! Almost $10 for 400gm. Mummy is thinking of adding more variety to their HCF, so just bought a little and try it out for the ladies. When Mummy asked the uncle to pack the ostrich meat for Mummy, Mummy apologized to the big birdy in my heart, Mummy was telling the birdy:” Since you are dead, let my little girls try bits of you k.” *Lol* Silly Mummy! Hey Baby…… This is the 1st time Mummy buying exotic meat k.

Baby…… The girls had ostrich with pig liver, spinach and asparagus today for dinner. Sound yummy, don’t they?

Baby…… Let the pictures do the talking.

Raw Ostrich Meat


Steamed Ostrich with liver, spinach and asparagus


End products


Girby enjoying her food 



But not for the fussy pot Puppie, she is not too keen on the new diet. Her all time favourite is still chicken wing. She didn’t finish her meal, only about half the portion, and was hand feed by Mummy. *Duh*

*Sniff Sniff*


Mummy, are you sure this is for me?


Girby as usual licks herself clean like a cat after mealtime.



Baby…… If only you are still here…… You are missing out lots of yummy food! Duck, pork, beef flank, mutton, chicken, raw chicken wings and necks! Next try will be goat meat.

Baby…… Are you drooling now?

Baby…… Mummy still got so many things not done with you yet……

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