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Baby…… is not Mummy. 😦

Baby…… Yes, the girls won!

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Baby…… They still refuse to eat, they had not eaten anything today. 😦

Baby…… Mummy is feeling weak. Mummy is going to lose the battle soon I guess……

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Baby…… Remember Mummy told you before I am very tempted to change the girls’ diet to barf? Last Sunday, Mummy tried out raw chicken wings as dinner for them. Both the girls each had 1 1/2 chicken wings. They chewed and ate! On Monday night, Mummy feed them chicken wings again, Girby ate one only, think she is too lazy to chew? Puppie ate 2. Mummy thought that they might like barf diet then, went ahead and order Dr Billinghurst’s Barf Patties.

Baby…… Mummy started to feed the chicken recipe this morning. Mummy purposely feed them after walk so that they will feel more hungry after the walk. Well…… they refused to eat! No matter how Mummy coax them, they just didn’t want to touch it. In the end, Mummy stir fry it. Girby ate but not Puppie.

Baby…… In the evening, Mummy tried again. This time Mummy steam it for a while with the raw still inside and add half boiled egg. They still refused to eat! *pull hair!* Mummy lost this battle, Mummy went to heat up their HCF. Puppie ate the HCF, but not Girby.

Baby…… Don’t you think they drive Mummy crazy? Their eating habits are getting from bad to worse eversince you left……

Baby…… Daddy is sceptical of this raw feeding, now the girls refuse to eat, Mummy ganna ‘left, right, centre, front, back’ from him again. 😦

Baby…… Mummy is so disheartening and told Uncle Alfred who is the distributor of the patties. He suggested Mummy to fast them 24 hours before feeding them again or try the 15 minutes rule. Uncle Alfred is so right, this is just endless, they know if they don’t eat Food A, Mummy will give them Food B. If Mummy can’t do it the hard way, feeding time is forever an agony for Mummy.

Baby…… Think Mummy got to be really ruthless this time, starting from tomorrow, Mummy will apply the 15 minutes time grace rule. If they are not going to eat within that 15 minutes, Mummy will take away their bowls until the next meal. No more treats for them unless they eat their main meals, only water.

Baby…… Wish Mummy luck in winning this battle. Give Mummy the strength to be really ruthless this time.

Baby…… Wish you are still here, Mummy is wondering whether you will like this new diet. This diet is looking good for you guys, the Kangaroo recipe is suitable for you, you need to shed off some weights. If only you are here, you will not miss out anything……

Baby…… You are not forgotten. Mummy still miss you very very badly……

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Baby…… Mummy birthday is coming soon. Mummy met up with Aunty Joanne and Aunty Lenny for lunch today. We had a mini celebration.

Baby…… Look at the gifts. It’s so nice right?

Baby…… This gift is 100% handmade by Aunty Joanne. It’s so pretty! Mummy is so touched. Thanks Jo!







Baby…… This gift is from Aunty Lenny. A cute red dog for Mummy! Did you see the necklace? It’s for your sweet daughter. Thanks Baobei!



Baby…… If you want to see more pictures, you fly over to Aunty Jo Blog ok.

Baby…… Mummy bought a new toy. Puppie had fun with it for…… about 10-15 minutes?


Baby…… Mummy bet you will like this toy, if only you are still here……

Baby…… If Mummy birthday wishes will come true, I will wish for you to come back here to Mummy. Mummy knew this is just a wishful thinking on my part……

Baby…… Mummy wish for all the people around me will be happy always and healthy. Mummy wish for there will be no more animals suffering out there. Mummy wish for Daddy, Enson, Girby and Puppie well-being. Lastly, Mummy wish for no matter where you are, you are freed from pain and suffering, leading a blissful life now.

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Boy Boy…… Girl Girl sprained her left hind leg today. Now she hop like a rabbit with three legs.

Boy Boy…… We were at the Dogrun in the morning, she went crazy again after spotting another dog from far. As usual, she ran towards it and barking non-stop. Mumy quickly carried her up to stop her nonsense. After a while, Mummy put her on the ground, she ran to look for that dog again, there I saw her running and hopping on three legs. Mummy didn’t know when she got hurt, maybe Mummy didn’t put her down properly and thus causing her to sprain her leg?

Boy Boy…… After we came back, Mummy checked on her leg again, she didn’t whine. Mummy didn’t know which part of her leg is painful.

Boy Boy…… Mummy told Daddy what happened after he came back from work. He immediately went to check on Girl Girl, touching her paw pad and her joint, twisting her leg gently to and fro. Daddy could not find anything wrong as well.

Boy Boy…… At this moment, Daddy did touched my heart. Mummy always feel that Daddy does not show enough concern for you all, maybe Mummy is wrong, he did get worried whenever any one of you fall sick.

Boy Boy…… Girl Girl is still limping now, she might had pull a muscle. Mummy is not too sure, hopefully she will be up running again tomorrow.

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It’s my Birthday

Papa…… Today is my 7th year old birthday.

Papa…… Will you sing a birthday song for me?

Happy Birthday to you……
Happy Birthday to you……
Happy Birthday to Puppie……
Happy Birthday to you……

Papa…… Mummy bought ice-cream cake. We ate some, Mummy said we can’t eat too much, it’s not good for us.



Papa…… You know what? We are only allow to eat a few spoonfuls, it’s not enough! To think that Mummy still bought another ice-cream chocolate cake and shared with Daddy. She said chocolate is a big no no for us. It’s not fair! They finished this cake all by themselves! Ha! Mummy is going to be fat fat fat!


Papa…… Mummy make me pose with Mama, as usual we were not too co-operative with her. She gave up after taking a few shots. She was mumbling to herself, I can heard her saying Baby is missing……


Papa…… Yesterday morning, Mummy brought us for walk as usual. Daddy and Enson Didi decided to join us. We had fun there. Wish you are here with us.







Papa…… Look at Daddy and Enson Didi, Mummy said they are acting lovey-dovey again. -_-”


Papa…… We went home after the outing. Are you somewhere around us? I know Mummy still miss you so so so badly……


With Love,

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