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Mummy: “Enson, you love GirlGirl?”

Enson: “No.”

Mummy: “Enson, you love PePe?”

Enson: “Yes.”

Mummy: “Enson doesn’t love GirlGirl, then Mummy tomorrow give GirlGirl away to Aunty.”

Enson: “No!”

Mummy: “Why? You don’t love GirlGirl right?”

Enson: “GirlGirl is Mummy.” (GirlGirl belongs to Mummy)

Mummy: “Oh GirlGirl is Mummy. Then PePe is Enson?” (PePe belongs to Enson)

Enson grinned.

So Baby…… Enson DiDi loves GirlGirl JieJie?

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