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pom pom lo

Baby…… Today Mummy pom pom for the gals. They didn’t have their bath for two weeks!

Baby…… Don’t we always do things together? But now you are missing……

Baby…… Remember how Mummy pom pom for you all? Mummy always said pom pom lo, sometimes you are cheeky and run to hide, but you like pom pom, don’t you?

Baby…… Mummy will purposely ignore you and bring the other two gals to the bathroom. After a while, you will bark outside the bathroom and want to come in. You are a cheeky baby.

Baby…… In the bathroom, Mummy will call you and you will come automatically to Mummy, unlike the other two.

Baby…… Mummy will wet your body first, then lather with shampoo. After Mummy said ok, you will stand aside and wait while Girby and Puppie take their turns. Then Mummy call you again: “Baby come.” Without fail, you always come forward to Mummy, Mummy will rinse you with warm water, then lather you with conditioner. You will wait for the ok command before walking away and wait patiently while Mummy repeat the procedure for Girby and Puppie. After they are done, Mummy call you again, you come forward, get rinse for the last time. Again you wait patiently for Mummy to rinse the other two gals.

Baby…… Finally done, you all take turns to come out from the bathroom, Mummy will towel you all dry one by one.

Baby…… After Mummy dried you all, all of you will go crazy running around the house and chasing each other. Guess you all feel so refresh after the bath ya.

Baby…… After Mummy brow dry you all one by one, Mummy is exhausted. You three little rascals will go into dreamland leaving an exhausted Mummy behind!

Baby…… Wish you can come back. Family should stays together, get things done together. You understand Baby? How could you Baby?


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Come back to Mummy?

Baby…… will you come back to Mummy through this?


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Sit…… Baby

Baby…… Yesterday night Mummy was in subconscious, I saw your sitting position.

Baby…… Remember how Mummy loves to tease you before giving you treats?

Baby…… Mummy will ask you to sit, you always reacted so fast. You immediately sit with a serious expression and looked at Mummy with your intense eyes. There Mummy will repeat: “Sit.” You readjusted your two front paws with your butt still sticking on the floor. Again you looked at Mummy with seriousness.

Baby…… You must be thinking sit already what, what does Mummy wants again?

Baby…… This is not the end. Mummy teased you again and said sit. Think you got confused and go into your down position, again looking at Mummy as if asking Mummy did you do it right this time. Mummy will laugh and tell you: “No Baby, this is down. Can’t you differentiate between sit and down?” You give Mummy a confused look. Since then, you are always confuse between sit and down commands.

Baby…… It’s Mummy fault that you are confused, but you did get your treats in the end, didn’t you?

Baby…… Mummy misses the serious and intense look in your eyes. Mummy misses you trying to please Mummy with your eagerness.

Baby…… Mummy misses you…… everything about you……

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Baby…… Mummy brought Girby back to Dr Shum this morning. Thanks to Feng Jie Jie, she drove Mummy there and help Mummy to look after Puppie. Give her a lick tonight in her dream k.

Baby…… Dr Shum didn’t find anything wrong with Girby. It could be the hard boil egg that trigger her, Mummy is not too sure. She suggested Mummy feeds Girby Fatty Fish diet like cod, salmon and mackerel. Think Mummy is too paronoid this time. Mummy feels so silly now.

Baby…… Afer we came back, she didn’t cough much. Think she wants Mummy to spend more money. Hiak Hiak Hiak.

Baby…… Daddy said Mummy french kiss Girby too much, that is what trigger her. Crazy Daddy……

Baby…… Yesterday night Mummy cried again. Daddy told Mummy not to think about you, then it will be alright. Mummy asked Daddy doesn’t he feel the pain? Daddy said no. Mummy asked him again, has he get over this episode? Daddy said sort of……

Baby…… Guess that is the difference between Men and Women. They can take things well, be it good or bad.  

Baby…… Mummy is just simply weak…… too weak……

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Can Mummy take a break?

Baby…… Girby diarrhoea had stop after the visit to Dr Shum, but Mummy didn’t see her pass her motion since her last diarrhoea. Now Mummy is worried she got constipation.

Baby…… Girby seems to adore her new diet. Mummy gave her plain rice and half a hard boil egg as instructed by Dr Shum. Mummy secretly added in chicken meat for her. Mummy did rinse off all the fats before adding it to her meal. She loves it! She always finished her meals.

Baby…… Puppie also quite like this new diet, she didn’t eat much in the morning, but yesterday evening she finished all the food in her bowl. Mummy is so happy to see her lick her bowl clean. Mummy doesn’t even remember when is the last time she licks the bowl clean.

Baby…… Girby had been coughing more frequently these few days. Is it because of the cold weather recently? Mummy is so worried. Should I bring her back to Dr Shum? Just on last Sunday, Dr Shum did examine her heart, she said her heart is fine. Is Mummy too paronoid?

Baby…… Mummy is exhausted…… physically and mentally……

Baby…… Mummy is not going to make it I guess. The agony of losing you, the anxiety on Girby and Puppie condition is going to drive me crazy.

Baby…… If only I could hold you once again. If only you are still alive. We, together as a family will be able to overcome all obstacles that are ahead of us……

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