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Baby…… Did Mummy tell you Mummy had started to scrap again. It’s not easy to do it without you by my side, but Mummy has tons of photos, Mummy just has to do it, isn’t it? This is the 27th & 28th Layout Mummy did after you left. Mummy scrapped a double page again. Mummy love double pages layouts. Mummy had so many photos in one event, one page layout is not enough to fill in all the photos. At times, Mummy still need to scrap a few double pages layout just for that one event.

Baby…… These layouts are so typical of you…… the greedy you…… Mummy misses your greedy look.300 BGP

301 BGPCredits: Funky Kit Collab from DMS, Mystique Sweet Papers by mystique designs, Worn Overlay by Lori Barnhurst, Zakirah_Dotted Frames by missScrap, dunia-polkadots arrows by Dúnia, Notepaper by August Designs, Indian Summer Torn Tags Freebie by Jessica Alger, Daily Digi Stamps by Lil Malkovsky, Template(Top) by Andrea Gold, Template(Bottom) by Laurie’s Scraps

Baby…… It’s so typical for the ladies to growl at you during meal time. You are always the first one to finish up your dinner. There you go waiting beside the ladies. You are always so patient waiting despite the ladies are hostile towards you. Finally your wait is worthwhile, you can go inspecting their bowls for any leftover food.

Baby…… Wish you can do that again. Wish you could enjoy all the yummy food again……

Baby…… Another double pages on the same day. You are in your dreamland. Did you eat many many nice yummy food in your dream?302 B303 BCredits: Kit in my dream by Mimilou, Kit Chut by Bellisae Designs, Stitches by Redju: redjuscrap.blogspot.com, Date Bits 19 by Misty Cato, Template(Top) by Laurie’s Scraps, Template (Bottom) by Dancy Baldwin, Wordarts “dreams” by Petit-Lips

Baby…… If only you don’t sleep forever. Mummy still miss you so so much……


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Baby…… The last time when Mummy cried was the last entry Mummy wrote to you. Mummy didn’t shed a single tear for the past 15 days ago although thinking of you still hurt. It was quite a good record ya? Until yesterday night, all those bad memories of you falling sick till the day you left kept lingering inside Mummy’s mind. It was still so vivid, the scenario was like a movie, kept playing and playing…… over and over again. At that point of time, mummy felt my heart being pierced through a thousand times again. Finally, it’s time to break down again.

Baby…… How could it be? You are still so healthy and young. Why Why Why? Your life just withered away within that one week. Why Baby? It shouldn’t end this way, it shouldn’t……

Baby…… The ladies are due for their annual body check next month. Dr Shum had left ARVC. Mummy thought maybe we can try Dr Perrson, she is the lady who attended to you on your last day, but she had left too. Mummy really don’t know who to turn to. ARVC is well equipped, Mummy doesn’t want to change clinic again. Dr Ly is well known, but Mummy got mixed review of him and his consultation charge is really expensive. Baby…… What should Mummy do? Which vet can Mummy turn to?

Baby…… Mummy will be stuck at home for the next three days. You know the unit below us had been complaining to HDB with regards to their ceiling leaking. This thing had been dragging for years. Finally they resorted to the MP, that means things need to be done. HDB had sent letter to us, they will need to hack and redo the toilet flooring. Last week, they had done the kitchen toilet. Mummy tell you…… it’s really ugly, the last row of the wall tiles had been replaced with the floor tiles. Come on, it’s so weird, not the same colour as the wall tiles. This week is our Master bedroom toilet turn. Hate this! Mummy got to confine the ladies and the whole house is so dusty. And now at 10.26am, He is still not here to do the hacking. You know last week, only one man do the hacking and it took one full day. Our bedroom toilet still have a bathtub need to be remove and he is still not here yet! @#$%^&*

Baby…… Puppie’s fussing eating habit started again. She had been refusing her breakfast for the past two days. Yesterday Mummy cooked chicken wings and cod fish with chye sim for their dinner. She gave me the ai mai ai mai pattern again. Grrr…… they got to eat overnight food again today. Poor Girby, she always finished her food, but because of Puppie, she got to eat overnight food. This evening Mummy will add a egg to the left over food and pan fry it into omelette for them.

Baby…… Enson Didi is another headache. He is at his naughty two stage. It’s driving Mummy crazy. He refused to hold your hand when crossing the road. He refused to wear his shorts months ago, he refused to use soap when bathing, he refused to towel dry after bath, he refused to wear anything after bath and many more! He loves to throw fruits like a ball in the supermarket. He loves to tell you ‘No’ or ‘No Need’. Anything you ask him to do, he pointed his finger straight to your face and said ‘No’ sternly. Anything you ask him to eat, he said no need. Recently he refused to drink his milk! You know it’s a torture for Mummy during milk time. He doesn’t drink from milk bottle ages ago. Mummy always have to spoon feed him his milk. Previously Mummy still managed to distract his attention by giving him some toys to play with, but now he is lip tighted even during play time. At times when he forgot and took a spoonful of milk, he will spilled it out on the floor. Mummy will go crazy soon.

Baby…… Daddy is still the same, Enson Didi still cling to him like a kola bear. They are still so much in love with each other.

Baby…… Mummy is still very much in love with you. Without Mummy by your side, you have to take good care of yourself.

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Baby…… Eleven months without you by my side. Time passes so quickly, too quickly that there isn’t enough time to heal Mummy’s wound.

Baby…… Thinking of you still hurts. For all these days after you left Mummy, Mummy still yearn for you so so so so badly.

Baby…… Mummy wanted so so so badly to feel you……

Baby…… Mummy wanted so so so badly to touch you……

Baby…… Mummy wanted so so so badly to carry you……

Baby…… Mummy wanted so so so badly to hug you……

Baby…… Mummy wanted so so so badly to kiss you……

Baby…… Mummy wanted so so so badly to tell you Mummy love you so so so much…… but not through here Baby……

Baby……  Mummy wanted to hold you…… the real you…… the lively Baby Boy who used to be Mummy’s one and only Baby Boy…… and tell you personally Mummy love you so so so much…… please do not leave Mummy……

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Baby…… Mummy love Winnie the Pooh’s quotes. Some quotes are so sweet, yet they are hidden with a tint of sadness.

Baby…… This is one of Mummy’s favourite quote:

elegant WA without you copy

Credits: elegant WordArt

Baby…… That will be awesome, isn’t it? No more feeling the pain of losing you. No more living through the days without you. But Mummy would rather live plus one day after Mummy’s maltese family leaves Mummy. At least Mummy know…… know that Mummy did not leave any of my maltese family member behind……

Baby…… If only it sounds that easy……

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Oh no

Baby…… Dr Shum left ARVC, heard that she is leaving the country for good. Mummy is so lost now, which vet should Mummy turn to now?

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