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Baby…… Merry Christmas to you. Are you having some fun riding on a open sledge now?

Baby…… Greetings from your forever family……

Baby…… Mummy brought the ladies out to our dog run early in the morning. We have not been there for months. Girby doesn’t keen to go inside anymore although Puppie still enjoy her grass snack over there. Girby prefer to be the leader nowadays. She decide where she want to walk. Whenever Mummy lead her to places where she doesn’t want to go, she will stop and refuse to move a butt. Only when Mummy ask her:” Then where you want to go?” She will turn the other way and lead Mummy instead. -_-” Girby is rather cool, isn’t she?

Baby…… In the evening, Daddy and Mummy brought Enson Didi to Vivo for dinner and buy his Christmas present. Of couse he choose another Thomas & Friends train again. This time round is Henry the No. 3 train. Baby…… You should see his collections of Thomas & Friends Trains! It’s going to fill up the room soon. Mummy will show you his huge collections one of this day.

Baby…… Mummy took a nap in the afternoon and you came back to visit Mummy right? While Mummy was on the bed drifting into dreamland. Mummy heard you jumping up to the bed, there you go sniffing Mummy all over. Mummy could feel and see you so vividly. Before Mummy knew it, you jumped off from the bed. Mummy couldn’t see you anymore, Mummy kept crying and calling out your name loudly many times, but you didn’t come back anymore.

Baby…… Mummy’s heart being pierced through a thousand time again. Baby…… Did you come back or this is just another dream? Mummy really miss you……

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Smartie Girl

Baby…… You know Girby has this trait of removing fish bone from her food. On one or two occasions, Mummy found fish bones placed nicely beside her bowl after she finished her meal. She just knew what type of food are not to be taken ya.

Baby…… Today Mummy overlooked a small piece of cod fish bone again when Mummy was preparing their food. After Girby finished her meal. Mummy saw this……

Baby…… Girby is smart, isn’t she? If you are the one with fish bone in your food, I bet you this greedy boy will gobble up everything.

Baby…… Notice the bowl is different? Ya…… Daddy broke her bowl yesterday. The two males in the house just love to take turn to break their bowls. Remember months ago, Enson Didi broke one of the ladies’ bowl as well? Lucky Mummy got a spare one, but still Mummy want to get another bowl for her. Hopefully Mummy can get back the same bowl……

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Baby…… Girby went for her review today. Mummy wanted to bring her there myself, but no cab in sight. When one finally came, the driver saw Girby in the carrier quickly drove off. Mummy got no choice but to ask Daddy to send us there. Thus we have to leave Puppie at home again since Enson Didi needs to tag along. When Mummy was downstairs waiting for Daddy, Mummy could hear Puppie barking. Daddy told Mummy Puppie is crying. My Poor Puppie! This Daddy is really useless! He can’t even coax a little girl before leaving the house. Baby…… What a bad day to start with.

Baby…… We quickly rushed to the clinic as we were running late. Girby had her blood test taken, Dr Soo said need to wait for another 40mins or so as the lab is busy with other blood tests. There seems to have some emergency cases going on, Mummy hope those furry kiddos can pull through. 

Baby…… Dr Soo gave Mummy the option to go back 1st and wait for her call or wait at the clinic. Mummy choose to go home to wait for her call as Mummy is so worried for that little girl home alone again. Of course the most happy person this time round will be Daddy, he doesn’t have to wait for us to get things done. You know that Daddy of yours hate waiting and wasting his precious time. He could use those time to play his online game instead.

Baby…… When we were about to reach home, Mummy can still hear poor Puppie howling and crying. That poor girl, she is so happy to see us back home finally.

Baby…… Dr Soo called Mummy in the afternoon. There is not much difference in the ALT, in fact it went up a little bit. Today is 150+. Dr Soo said this is not too serious taking into consideration of her age. Girby needs to go back for her review again in one month time. Meanwhile, she had to continue her hepavite medicine for her liver.

Baby…… Mummy is so worried.  Time passes too fast…… way too fast. The fear in Mummy is getting more and more intense as day passes by. Baby…… Mummy can’t afford to lose any of the girls. Mummy doesn’t want to go through the pain again…… It’s too painful…… way too painful……

Baby…… Can you help Mummy?

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My Photo Shoot

Kor Kor…… I had my photo shoot taken at school in October. Finally the photos are back.

Kor Kor…… See, these are my individual photos.

Kor Kor…… How do I look? Rather cool right? Mummy asked me why I didn’t smile at the camera? Why should I? Mummy just knew nothing, boys don’t act sweet and smile like girls what. I thought I look rather cool posing this way. Yeah! I just like it this way! I remember many of your photos also didn’t smile. Great minds think alike. Boys just look cool without smiling ya.

Kor Kor…… See, I just found one of your photo looking just as cool like me.

Kor Kor…… This is my class photo. Can you spot me?

Kor Kor…… Mummy told me starting from next month, I am going to full day school. Daddy and Mummy will only pick me up after she and Daddy knock off from work.

Kor Kor…… I wonder how is full day school like, is it going to be fun?

With Love,

Enson Didi 

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