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Papa…… I am so angry today! Mummy brought Mama out secretly. They thought I didn’t know! This morning, Mummy brought me and Mama out for walk after our breakfast. After she came back, I overheard her conversation with Daddy.

Mummy:” I need to bring Girl Girl for her blood test later. You come and pick me up after we are done?”

Daddy:” We go together, but cannot bring Pepe, can’t handle her with Enson together.”

Mummy:” Ok, I put Girl Girl’s carrier at the doorway, later you bring Girl Girl out while I distract Pepe.”

Papa…… They think I don’t understand what are they talking about. Didn’t they know we just have this capability to read their mind through their body language? I am really disappointed with their ignorance. I persistently follow Mummy while she prepared her stuffs. I am not going to let Mummy leave me alone at home. And Mummy still want to tell lies, kept telling us they going out to mum mum only, not bringing us along. They really think we are fools? Even Mama can sense something is not right, she follows Mummy everywhere she goes just like me. These certainly drive Mummy crazy! lolz

Papa…… Suddenly, Mummy just carried me to the room and tell me all kind of shits like we go mum mum only, you stay at home, be good huh, bark bark beat beat huh blah blah blah…… In the process when Mummy is talking shits to me, I heard Daddy stepping out of the house with Enson Didi. Then Enson Didi mentioned Girl Girl here. Where Puppie? Where Puppie? Enson Didi wanted to bring me along with them, but Daddy and Mummy still won’t let me join them 😦

Papa…… I am home alone for the very first time. Papa…… Why aren’t you here? At least if Daddy and Mummy secretly brought either one of us out, we still have two at home to keep each other company. Now I am all alone by myself at home.

Papa…… I am a good girl. I didn’t bark until they came back. Mummy told me there is an improvement in Mama’s blood test, the ALT went down to 139. Dr Ly attended to them today. Now Mama has to take the liver medicine prescribed. She can take the taurine supplement, but still have to stay off from other supplements. Mama will need to go back for the liver function blood test in two weeks time. Mummy told me they will see Dr Soo then. Gosh…… Is Mummy going to try out all the vets at ARVC? And that Dr Soo is so young. Too bad Mummy can only make it on Sunday morning, so ya…… depend on who is the vet on duty then.

Papa…… Is Mummy they all going to leave me at home again in two weeks time?

Papa…… Enson Didi is running a fever now. That poor boy. Mummy told me he had been crawling on the floor all over the clinic and refused to have his hand wash, must have eaten a handful of germs down to his stomach. Mummy was telling me those dogs at the clinic behaved so much better than him. Guess Enson Didi gave Daddy and Mummy a hard time again. That’s why I don’t know what is this Mummy thinking? She should have bring me along and leave the naughty Enson Didi at home right?

Papa…… I miss you…… When will you come back? It’s so bored without you around……

With love,



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Baby…… Mummy brought the ladies to ARVC for their annual body check up. Today Dr Theo attended to us. He is a foreigner, Mummy had a hard time trying to comprehend what he is saying.

Baby…… Girby’s heart murmur is still looking good, no medication needed yet. But her blood test result was not so good, she had increased liver enzyme, this is an indication of liver cell irritation. Her ALT is 448, normal range should be 10-118. Dr Theo was surprised with the result as Girby is still doing fine and great. Dr Theo wanted Mummy to stop feeding all her supplements for one week and bring her back next week for another blood test. Dr Theo won’t be in next week, he is going China. Mummy is wondering who will attend to us next Sunday. Although they have the ladies’ medical record, but Mummy still prefer a regular vet.

Baby…… Puppie had her check as well, but didn’t do any blood test. Dr Theo said she is well and healthy upon checking on her. Base on his judgement, there is no need to do a blood test. Both their urine results are looking good.

Baby…… You got to watch over Girby. Please pray for her. Mummy is so worried now.

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Fly Away

Credits: Kit Fly Away by Digi-designs by Nicole –  http://digi-designs.blogspot.com & All Dream Big Design’s, Journal Helpers by Angela Niehaus, Brads by Digital Anemona, Butterfly by Lindsay Jane Designs, Glitter Wings by Kimb’s designs, Gingham Ribbon by Gunhild Storeide, Wordart by Elegant Wordart, Date Stamp by INGRID LIM of I. SCRAP


Now that you had fly away, tell Mummy what should Mummy do? No matter how Mummy hate this, the string had broken and you had fly away forever. Baby, tell Mummy this isn’t so bad afterall.

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Baby…… Puppie’s fussy eating habit is getting worse nowsday. It’s driving Mummy crazy. Yesterday Mummy saw some frozen sirloin steak at NTUC and decided to buy one pack for the ladies to try it out.

Baby…… Their menu for dinner today will be pan-fry sirloin steak with sweet pea omelette.



Baby…… Tada! Presenting sirloin steak with sweet pea omelette!

Baby…… Look yummy isn’t it?


Baby…… As usual, Girby need to have some fun with her ‘prey’ before starting to eat her ‘prey’.

Baby…… The ladies enjoying their meal.



Baby…… Bowls are cleaned up!

Clean Up

Baby…… It’s time for the ladies to do some business after meal time.



Baby…… All went well today. Two satisfied ladies with One happy Mummy.

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