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Bon Bon had passed on

Baby…… Bon Bon had passed on just on Tuesday. He is gone to a better place if this is what we choose to believe.

Baby…… If only you guys don’t have to leave when time comes. Do you know how painful it is to lose someone you love so much?

Baby…… Are you really in a better place now?


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Sad News

Baby…… Remember Bon Bon? Mummy didn’t see them for quite sometimes until this morning. Mummy ran into them when walking the ladies in the morning. Bon Bon’s Mummy told Mummy Bon Bon got liver cancer. Now he is on medication and supplements to prolong his life.  Mummy can see that Bon Bon’s Mummy is very upset, she repeatedly said what to do. Mummy knew she must be feeling very helpless now.

Baby…… Bon Bon is only 8 years old, a young chap just like you. It’s really sad to see people going through the unbearable pain once Mummy had. What to do right? Having you little rascals are the greatest bliss we have, but one day…… one day…… you all will leave us. And we are left alone with just pain and memories……

Baby…… Mummy hopes Bon Bon will still have a long way to go. If he really got to go, please do not let him suffer too much.

Baby…… Mummy dread the day…… the day to see Bon Bon’s Mummy without Bon Bon beside her, and she tells me Bon Bon is no longer with her……

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Baby…… Girby Girl has an infected ear now. Mummy didn’t notice it until I did basic grooming for the ladies yesterday. Gosh…… Girby’s right ear is so red and raw. Mummy quickly cleaned her ear and there are open wounds too. Mummy almost want to bring her to that clinic immediately, but decided to go against it. It’s painful to even see that clinic from far, let alone stepping into it. Mummy just can’t do it……

Baby…… See Girby Girl little red ear.

Baby…… Mummy applied some pickly heat powder on her ear, today it seems like better. Oh Baby…… Did Mummy tell you the pickly heat power is a wonderful powder. Remember Mummy told you about Girby Girl skin problem not long ago? After trying so many so called remedies, it still don’t work. Finally the last resort, the pickly heat powder and it works! The rashes are in the process of healing and she didn’t scratch as much now.

Baby…… Puppie Pie is another problematic lady. She is so fussy! She didn’t want her breakfast almost everyday!  Mummy guess the reason being breakfast is precooked, not as tasty as freshly cook? Yesterday evening, Mummy pan-fried lamp chop for them as they didn’t eat lamb for ages. Girby Girl gobbled everything up, but not for that fussy Puppie Pie. Mummy is so angry with her, really don’t know what to do with her. She is wasting so much food! Doesn’t she know there are so many poor dogs out there going without food for days?

Baby…… After telling you so much, are you there to listen? Are you still there?

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