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Baby…… After a 24 hour ‘bedrest’ hiding under Enson Didi bed on Sunday. Girby Girl seems fine since yesterday. When Mummy came back from work yesterday, she was already on the sofa barking happily. That was a relief. Thanks Baby…… Mummy knew you did watch over us from above.

Baby…… This morning, she hide under the bed when Mummy brought out their leashes -_-“. Is the experience really that bad? Puppie Pie was happily waiting to go for walk, but that Girby Girl decided she want to stay at home today. In the end, we didn’t go for our walk. Poor Puppie Pie didn’t get her walk this morning then.

Baby…… In the evening, Daddy called Mummy for help as Enson Didi refused to get out of the car. Mummy had to go downstairs to ‘rescue’ him. Mummy tried to bring out their leashes again, this time round Girby Girl wagged her tail happily and wanted to tag along. Do you think this lady got metal problem? -_-” Oh nevermind, at least she is back to her normal self.

Baby…… Girby Girl skin problem came back again, and seems like getting worse. Mummy ran out of ideas what to do with her skin problem. Mummy is so stress now. Mummy day job is not getting any better, with the heavier workload and newly installed accounting software. It’s driving Mummy crazy. Mummy is thinking of going back to work on Thursday as Enson Didi has a field trip on Friday morning. They are going to Science Centre. Daddy doesn’t want him to go unless I tag along.  So ya…… Mummy is going to join him on Friday morning, less time for my work again. Argg…… really feel like screaming now……

Baby…… Mummy is going to bed now. Good night Baby……


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Baby…… Mummy brought the girls down for walk. After the walk, we were sitting on the bench as usual. Puppie Pie performed her run away act, jumping down from the bench and off went sniffing the grass. As she ventured too near the slope. Mummy wanted to get her back. While grabbing Girby Girl who was sitting on my lap, Mummy accidentally hurt her right front leg, she was yelping so loudly, scared the shit out of Mummy! Mummy quickly brought them home, there she goes limping again. She refused to let Daddy touch her leg. Just a while ago when Mummy try touching the inner part of her leg, she yelped in pain loudly. It must have been painful as Mummy only touched her leg very gently.

Baby…… Mummy is so stupid to hurt her. Now Mummy is feeling so guilty now, the same guilt when I lost you year ago. The guilt never go off, just deepen now.

Baby…… Give Girby Girl the power to heal her leg. Mummy’s heart is getting more and more painful now……

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Baby…… It’s your daughter 8th year old birthday today. We had a mini celebration at home again.

Baby…… Saw that chocolate ice-cream cake? Of course it’s not for you guys! You know Mummy is a sucker for chocolate, Mummy couldn’t help getting another chocolate ice-cream cake just for myself. Heez……

Baby…… Will you sing a birthday song  for sweet little Puppie?

Happy Birthday to you……

Happy Birthday to you……

Happy Birthday to Puppie……

Happy Birthday to you……

Baby…… Will you come and visit us on this special day? Mummy miss you……

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Baby…… Mummy birthday is round the corner. Mummy had an early celebration with Aunty Joanne. It’s a yummy food session again. This time round, we went to cafe biz at Trader Hotel. The food is yummy especially the desserts! They have Mummy favourite waffle, it’s nice and crisp, topped up with chocolate ice-cream with additional chocolate from the chocolate fountain. Oh it feel like paradise, should leave more room for dessert if there is a next time.

Baby…… Drop by Aunty Joanne’s blog to see all the nice yummy food k.

Two a couple


Mummy presents. Aunty Joanne’s gorgeous DIY work again.


A cute thumb drive from Aunty Jenny


Puppie Pie got an early birthday present too


Puppie Pie having fun with her new toy

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