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Baby…… It’s Enson DiDi 3 years old birthday. Enson DiDi had a mini birthday party in school.

Baby…… Lastly pictures of Puppie Pie smelling something nice from Enson DiDi’s bowl. Can you guess what yummy food is it?

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Baby…… Mummy brought a new bed for the ladies last week.

Baby…… This bed is to be placed in Enson DiDi’s room. Enson DiDi refuse to sleep in his room. Now Enson DiDi’s room is Mummy bedroom. Mummy has to buy another bed for the ladies then.

Baby…… They love the bed, it’s so comfortable. Girby Girl sleeps on this bed while Puppie Pie sleeps with Mummy. You know Girby Girl is not an expert in jumping up and down ya.

Baby…… If you are still around, Mummy would have buy another blue colour bed just for you……

Baby…… Recently Puppie Pie’s tear stain is back in action. Mummy just don’t understand why. Eversince the ladies switch totally to home cooked food, they have been stain free, but now…… Feng Jie Jie said maybe it’s due to the lift upgrading, it could be right? Since the people have been hacking and drilling the area outside our house now. Mummy is so sad to see her stained muzzle again 😦

Baby…… Tomorrow is Enson DiDi day. He will be having his 3rd year old birthday party in school. Mummy will update you with his party photos soon.

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