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Baby…… Silly Puppie did it again. You know Puppie doesn’t eat immediately during meal time. She just love to wait and wait at the eating area. When you are still around, she always do this silly stuffs just to lure you. Now Mummy doesn’t know who is she waiting for…… Maybe it is Mama Girby, maybe it is you……Papa Baby……

Baby…… This morning after Mummy placed their breakfast down, Puppie came running. As usual, Mummy need to go under the bed to invite the dowager. Once Puppie saw Girby, she started to growl and ran to her food bowl. Mummy is so used to this silly girl act, she can take around 15-20 minutes just to finish her meal. Mummy decided to wash the dishes while waiting for her to finish her meal. After Mummy finished washing the dishes and turned around, there I saw Girby licking the silly girl bowl clean. And that silly girl just sit there and watch her. You should see the confused expression on her silly face. So ya Baby, silly girl lost her breakfast, Mummy thought she is good at guarding her food. Mummy doesn’t have any idea how Girby ended up eating her breakfast too. It’s too late anyway, left just a tiny bits of brown rice. After Girby walked away graciously, Puppie walked over to her bowl and finished that tiny bit of brown rice. That silly and poor girl.

Baby…… Serve her right ya? Who ask her always dilly dally during meal time. Mummy doesn’t have time to cook another meal for her, thus decided to feed her one slice of cheese and some treats. When Mummy was feeding her cheese, Mummy gave her a dressing down:” You silly girl. See, now you got nothing to eat lor.” She finished her cheese and left the treats on the bed. See how fussy this girl is.

Baby…… Yesterday morning, Mummy woke up real early to walk them. Mummy wanted to walk them before Enson Didi wake up. After we reached home, Mummy fed them breakfast. Girby was panting really hard, she didn’t eat her breakfast. Her panting last for more than 1/2 hour. Mummy is so worried. Mummy doesn’t want to deprived them from their walks. Girby loves walks, but it will strain her heart. Mummy decided to shorten their walks in future.

Baby…… Hope Mummy is making the right decision. Mummy doesn’t want stop walking them just because of Girby’s heart problem. They still need quality life, don’t they?

Baby…… Recently Mummy had incorporate duck in their HCF. Now their another favourite meat is duck. Mummy used to buy it from the supermarket because it’s cheaper, but it’s so time consuming to chop up the duck into parts and remove the skin. Now Mummy buy it from Uncle Edmond from the wet market, he will chop the duck for Mummy. Although it’s more expensive, but the duck is more meaty. The best part Mummy doesn’t need to chop chop chop.

Baby…… During the weekend, they got to eat duck wings with dried scallop minced pork porridge. Heez, the porridge is meant for Enson Didi, Mummy deliberately cook more just for them. Since they aren’t supposed to eat too much grains, they only get one tablespoonful of porridge each with duck wings and xiao bai cai. They love it!

Baby…… Are you drooling now? Remember how you used to drool when Mummy lured you with your favourite treats. You sit up so straight, looked at Mummy, then the treats in Mummy’s hand, looked at Mummy again, then the treats in Mummy’s hand again. Then there you go…… you started drooling. Mummy could see your saliva dripping down to the floor…… slowly dripping down on the floor. Heez, so cute! Mummy misses this. In fact, Mummy misses every little single things about you……

Baby…… Tomorrow is grooming day for the ladies, another grooming day without you……


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Baby…… Mummy just brought the ladies out for their walk. As Mummy was walking them along the pathway, this lady from a distance away behind us called Mummy, she talked in a loud voice:” Miss, Miss, move your dogs away, I want to walk!” Mummy without thinking too much just moved the ladies to the grass patch. She hurriedly walked past without even a thank you! Rude lady! Mummy knew she can’t touch the ladies lah, but at least show some courtesy. Not even a please or thanks. She think she owe the place huh?! Kao! Stupid Bitch!

Baby…… 七月初一就见鬼,真衰!

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Baby…… It’s already ten months down the road without you by my side. Time didn’t heal the pain, Mummy guess it never will……

Baby…… How many times have Mummy bath the girls without you?

Baby…… How many times have Mummy cut their nails without you?

Baby…… How many times have Mummy trim their pawpads without you?

Baby…… How many times have Mummy clean their ears without you?

Baby…… How many times have Mummy brush their teeth without you?

Baby…… How many times have Mummy brush their fur without you?

Baby…… How many times have Mummy talk to them without you?

Baby…… How many times have Mummy play with them without you?

Baby…… How many times have Mummy feed them their meals without you?

Baby…… How many times have Mummy feed them your favourite treats without you?

Baby…… How many times have Mummy walk them without you?

Baby…… How many times have Mummy sleep with them without you?

Baby…… How many times have Mummy touch and feel them without you?

Baby…… How many times have Mummy carry them without you?

Baby…… How many times have Mummy hug and kiss them without you?

Baby…… How many times have we NOT been doing things together as a family?

Baby…… Do you know how many times? Do you know all these many times still hurts so much?

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Oh Happy Day

Kor Kor…… Last weekend is happy days for me. We went to the park a few times with GirlGirl Jie Jie and PePe Jie Jie, of course not forgetting our Daddy and Barney or Mummy? Anyway they sound the same to me. I like to call Barney as Mummy and Mummy as Barney. Heez, are you confuse now Kor Kor?

Kor Kor…… I love racing with PePe Jie Jie, she really can run! Too bad the photographer skill needs polishing, many photos she took turned out blur. She is really disappointed with the photos, she still told me we ran too fast. Hello? Isn’t running suppose to be fast? Think Mummy is just trying to find some silly excuses for her bad photography skill.

Kor Kor…… This is me racing with PePe Jie Jie, can you guess who is the winner?





Kor Kor…… Why does GirlGirl Jie Jie and PePe Jie Jie like to eat grass? Does grass taste that good? Let me try some……


Kor Kor…… I love chasing and following PePe Jie Jie, she really can run fast away from me.





Kor Kor…… You must be wondering why there isn’t any photo of GirlGirl Jie Jie right? Because she stayed very close with our photographer aka our Mummy, so there isn’t much photo of her.


Kor Kor…… After all the fun, I am so thirsty. I guess the grass must be feeling thirsty too. Let me feed them with some water.


Kor Kor…… I had fun. Do you have fun watching us from above?

With love,

Enson DiDi

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